Great #custserv where it is least expected

The customer service feedback pages in most newspapers are littered with horror stories about poor service and disasters where unsuspecting customers hand over their money and fail to receive the service they expected.

What a pleasant surprise then to read about Monarch Airlines recently in The Guardian. A customer booked flights for his entire family only to realise that he had booked the wrong dates – exactly a week later than planned.

The customer called Monarch and they immediately changed the flights without even charging the standard fee usually required to change a booking.

This may sound trivial, but airline customers have learned long ago that changing a flight once booked is incredibly difficult. It’s no wonder this customer wrote his astonished letter to the newspaper.

What clearly happened was that the agent could see the booking was made minutes earlier. The customer was anxious and needed flights that were exactly one week apart from those booked. The agent had the ability and flexibility to cancel, rebook, and take the decision to not charge a fee.

It’s a good example of showing how some autonomy granted to the agents can lead to very happy customers who will no doubt return to the company again in future.

185gs - Monarch Airlines Boeing 757-2T7; G-MONB@PMI;17.08.2002

Photo by Aero Icarus licensed under Creative Commons

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