British customers don’t believe that the omnichannel is working

Marketing Week focused on customer service last week as one of their trending topics, in particular why and how customers will switch brands because of poor service. New research published in Accenture’s Global Consumer Pulse suggests that 53% of consumers will switch brand if they are not happy with the service they receive – across all industries.

You can read more in the Marketing Week feature here, which also includes some nice graphical summaries of the data, but the figure that shocked me most when reading the results was that about omnichannel service – or the lack of it really existing.

Only 4% of British consumers believe that brands are connecting their various customer support channels together well. That’s the worst sentiment in the entire world, except for Japan where only 2% of consumers think that brands are doing a good job.

The message from consumers is clear, they expect better service whatever channel they use to get in touch and if they are calling for help a few hours after emailing, they expect your agents to know that there was an email.

Getting omnichannel service right is going to be tough for many brands, but with 96% of British consumers thinking that brands do a terrible job at this, imagine the opportunties for your company if you are doing it well. There is scope here for a great customer service team to actually be driving sales and promoting the brand.

Have you seen any British brands doing omnichannel customer support really well and did it make you more likely to buy from them again? Leave a comment here or tweet me on @matt_sims1.

Customer Service Think Tank hosted by Dell


Photo by Dell Inc licensed under Creative Commons

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