Can great service at John Lewis fight the ‘showrooming’ trend?

John Lewis has been voted the UK’s best retailer in terms of customer service for another year, as well as the leading electricals retailer according to Verdict Research.

The Verdict Customer Satisfaction Awards survey showed that John Lewis obtained scores for service far exceeding that of any other retailer in the survey. Product quality also scored highly.

This is an important award and demonstrates the importance placed on customer service by brands such as John Lewis. As a department store group with many different product groups it’s quite an achievement to win awards for such a specialty as electrical retailing.

But this is a classic example of where customer service can make a difference. Many retailers have seen a rise in the trend of customer ‘showrooming’, where customers explore stores and test out high-price electrical items in person only to then order the same items from low-cost online retailers.

This is a natural trend if price is the only factor in the purchase of an item, but with expensive electricals, people are concerned about the advice they receive pre-sale and the support they might get post-sale.

Making sure the customer service is seen to be top quality is the most important way to ensure that customers come back time and again to the same place to buy their electrical items.

Apart from offering great service, what tactics have you seen retailers using to fight the showrooming trend? Leave a comment here or get in touch via my LinkedIn here.

John Lewis, Oxford Street, London


Photo by Dan Lockton licensed under Creative Commons

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