How would you choose a quad-play telco?

The Zon Optimus telco merger has recently resulted in the renamed firm Nos. Nos has decided that the future is in getting customers to add a mobile service to their existing fixed line and TV package.

This is quite a gamble. Who is to say that consumers are not more inclined to consider the relationship with their mobile provider a closer one – so they would get TV and a fixed line from their mobile provider?

The real answer is that it’s too simplistic to suggest that consumers will have more loyalty to one type of provider or another. The telco environment is changing fast and consumers are well aware that they can buy triple or quad bundles comprising a fixed line, broadband, TV, and mobile. Most operators have been selling these bundles for a few years now.

The real determining factor will be the value provided. If the customer sees a good deal and believes that the company can provide a good service without trouble – the value of a trusted brand – then they will go with that provider. So Nos has to have a good package and not just some vague assumption that fixed line customers might want to add a mobile subscription to their existing package.

The industry is changing rapidly, with many consumers now not at all interested in a fixed line contract anyway. Ask anyone under 30 for their home phone number and many will ask if you mean their mobile.

The telcos do need to innovate and offer better bundles, but they can’t make assumptions about consumer behaviour based on how things used to be. That’s changing fast.

Genie Telephone


Photo by Chris licensed under Creative Commons

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