Social customer service is more than just answering Tweets

As new social channels become more accepted and more important it becomes increasingly complex to manage the overall customer experience – or the unified customer experience as the analyst firm Forrester calls it.

The digital and social customer channels are more than just additions to the existing channels – they require more engagement and can often be used to discuss the products of a brand without anyone at the brand being alerted that there is something they need to respond to. Some great examples already exist where brands have gone far beyond what might usually be expected of them – in their efforts to engage in a meaningful way with customers.

There are many technical strategies that can help a brand get this right, but the bottom line, according to Forrester senior research analyst Ron Rogowski, is the personality of your brand. Does your brand even have a personality that can be reflected using digital channels?

A clear digital customer experience strategy, Rogowski says, “reflects a company strategy, propagates a coherent brand personality, paints a vivid picture of how the company will meet user needs, and should serve as the rallying point for all customer experience efforts.”

Underpinning a consistent customer experience is “a brand personality that will permeate all interactions.” And this is no mean feat. “Effective brand guidelines are much more than rules of thumb for visual design — every piece of content, every interactive element, and every word must be rendered with an awareness of how that element complements the brand experience,” he says.

This requires any customer service director to start thinking of how personality can be injected into customer interactions – leading the planning of customer experience into marketing and sales. Are you planning how to market your brand using your customer service voice?

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Photo by GlamHag licensed under Creative Commons

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