Is Twitter really so bad for customer service?

Back in April I wrote a blog suggesting that Twitter might not be the effective customer service channel people often believe it to be. Now another new research study published in Information Age magazine appears to have documented similar results.

In short, this research echoes my earlier comments that Twitter is possibly one of the least effective customer service channels. The problem is not Twitter itself – it is a great channel for engagement and can be very effective when used well by brands. The problem is that more customers are expecting support on Twitter, but the brands are not keeping up, they are not offering support that is good enough.

What is even scarier for many brands to observe is that a wider gap is opening up between companies that are doing this well and those that are not. In this new research nearly a third of companies (32%) failed to answer more than half of the 10 basic questions they were asked online, yet 22% scored eight or more. There are major differences in performance, even in the same sector. For example, one entertainment retailer scored 100%, yet two competitors just 20%.

Is a gap developing between brands that really understand and use social channels effectively and those that are getting worse – especially because more customers want to use these channels today?

Twitter fan!

Photo by Fumi Yamazaki licensed under Creative Commons

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