EE to boost customer service

EE have just opened their second new contact centre of the past few weeks. This one is in Derby and will create 300 new jobs in the local area. EE is also making news because of their apprenticeship programme, which should have taken on 1,300 young people by the end of next year.

This is all great news. There is a confidence about the telco marketplace in general and companies like EE are helping young workers to develop the skills they will need for a lifetime of employment.

But what caught my eye when reading about all this hiring activity by EE in a blog published by uswitch was a statement right in the first sentence: ‘EE is aiming to become the number one company for customer service in the telecoms sector.’

Now that really is news. To say that a company the size of EE has a target to be the best in customer service in their entire sector demonstrates that companies now take their approach to customer service really seriously.

Telcos in the past might have competed on price or coverage or speed, but here is one with a publicly stated ambition to just be the best when interacting with customers.

I think it’s great news to hear about any company that is creating great new jobs in the UK, but the fact that achieving great customer service is now the number one boardroom priority is really the front page story I think we will all be paying more attention to in the near future.

Phone Shop Event Horizon In Sheffield

Photo by Simon Phipps licensed under Creative Commons

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