More consumers are standing up for better service

Get up, stand up. Stand up for your rights. It seems that this is exactly what British consumers are doing more than ever before.

According to new research published in CorpComms magazine around half of UK consumers today are offering feedback to brands based on their experience buying from or interacting with those brands.

This is an astonishing change in the way the public interacts with brands. Think back to a pre-social media age. How many times did you get in touch with a brand post-purchase and why? Of course if you had a problem with the purchase then you would be straight on the phone to complain. But did you ever write a letter – or even and email – to a company to congratulate them on their fantastic products?

The research notes at 64% of consumers now voice their opinion about products online – for various reasons. 4% even admit that they have actively tried to discredit an organisation because of their dissatisfaction,

Some other interesting observations are that it is the older generation (over 55s) who are the most likely to complain, but also the most likely to publish complimentary praise about products. A third of 16-24 year olds expect compensation when they complain and some in this younger age group leave feedback on the items they purchase as a way of actively increasing the size of their own social networks.

This entire change in the way brands need to handle their customers has swept across every industry in about five years. Go back to the last decade and try to find good examples of companies handling multichannel customer service – it’s not very common, especially with social media included in the mix.

As more consumers stand up for their rights, it’s time for more brands to consider how they can continue to stir it up without waiting in vain.

Stand up for your rights


Photo by Holly Wata licensed under Creative Commons

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