ISP customer service levels rebound upwards

Contrary to popular belief, customer satisfaction levels for UK Internet Service Providers (ISPs) is on the rise after interviews showed that the level of customer happiness when it comes to the country’s four largest ISPs has risen by three per cent.

The National Customer Satisfaction Index – United Kingdom [NCSI-UK] gave UK ISPs a score of 69 out of 100 for Q2 2014. This means that the worst industry sector studied by the NCSI – that dubious award now goes to the energy providers who now sit at the bottom of the table on 68 per cent.

Virgin Media was the best scoring individual company with a satisfaction score of 71 per cent – up a full four per cent on last year.

The NCSI study uses variables such as ease of understanding the bill, reliability of speed and service, and ease of using the customer website to arrive at their final scores, but one very interesting area where customer satisfaction is generally declining is the contact centres used by ISPs. The NCSI score for call centres used by ISPs is just 59 per cent – lower than for any other industry.

Clearly attitudes to customer service are changing in the ISP business, but that decline in satisfaction with the contact centre needs to be watched.

What’s your experience of contacting your own ISP? Good, bad, or just indifferent? Leave a comment here or get in touch via my Twitter here.



Photo by HD Zimmerman licensed under Creative Commons

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