Innovations in customer service

Call centre magazine listed a series of innovations that they say are redefining customer service. You can read about the first five here with another five to follow soon.

What I liked about this list though was that it did not focus on the technology and delivery of a contact centre, it focused on the outcomes that a customer expects from any brand – in short, how innovative approaches can lead to great service.

In particular, I agree strongly with these three approaches to the modern contact centre:

  • Measurements; contact centres have always been full of measurements, usually abbreviated to three-letters. At the end of the day, what matters is whether the customer is really satisfied, so it’s great to see that new measurement methods are being explored across the industry.
  • Empowerment; the old scripts and inflexibility of the past just don’t work today. People usually end up talking to a human agent after they have already Googled their problem and not found the answer, so they want to be connected to someone knowledgable and empowered to do what is needed to fix the issue.
  • Complexity; the growth of multiple channels and the need to knit them together so customers can hop between social media, voice, chat, email and so on, means that customer service has never been so complex.

The journey a customer goes on when they need help remains the real area of focus, but the industry is changing rapidly and it’s worth watching for these innovations – some will be very disruptive to the old ways of offering customer service.

aafad 167/365 call centre-kun

Photo by Lamont Cranston licensed under Creative Commons

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