Supporting online shoppers continues to be a challenge

Online retail is a now a mature business model isn’t it? After all, companies such as Amazon have been taking orders online and delivering products for two decades. Is there still so much to learn?

Clearly there is still a lot to learn for the retailers who are trying to blend both the online and in-store shopping experience. A new report from JDA titled the Consumer Pulse Report 2014 suggests that 57% of consumers don’t believe there is any integration between the stores and online sites of major retailers.

And that’s not all. One in five consumers complained about problems with product deliveries to their home. Almost two-thirds would happily switch to an alternative retailer because of an unacceptable online experience. A third of customers would be prepared to pay a premium price if it guaranteed a same-day product delivery.

A third of customers had experienced problems using click-and-collect – in particular they had used this option to save time only to find queues in-store.

None of this sounds very promising, but the silver lining is that 69% of those same consumers believe that online retail will be their main shopping channel within the next five years.

That’s a big shift to the online channel and it will require that many of these issues around delivery and customer service be ironed out soon. What is your own experience of online retail – better or worse than this research suggests? Leave a comment here on the blog or get in touch via my LinkedIn profile here:



Photo by Wiechert Visser licensed under Creative Commons

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