Frustrate your customers with poor experiences and benefit your competitors

Getting your customer service strategy right is really important. It’s not just a question of making sure the contact centre is ready to pick up some calls – we are now operating in an omni-channel, multi-device consumer environment where customers are comfortable using any one of six or seven channels to get in touch.

More importantly, customers today are less loyal than ever. Let them down once when they get in touch with a query and they are likely to turn to the competition faster than ever – who are only a click or a touch away after all!

New research that questioned 2,000 adults in the UK found that 69% of consumers have become so angered by a customer service interaction that they either demanded to speak to the supervisor or they just gave up on the brand entirely. And how many of those told all their friends (on Twitter) that they were giving up on that brand?

Utilities, telecoms providers, and government are the top three offenders according to this research, but there is no reason why the utilities cannot be providing a far better customer experience – I have seen it. I know it’s possible.

Every executive will tell you that it costs far more to find new customers then to promote loyalty in those you already have. Ensuring your customer service team is not actively ‘encouraging’ customers to switch to an alternative provider is a good start. In fact, it’s really just the foundation that you need to build a service that is so good it improves your revenue, profits and long term growth.



Photo by Eric licensed under Creative Commons

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