Outsourcing: does size really matter?

A recent blog by William Carson here on the Teleperformance UK pages explored the perceptions of size in a partner company.

This is a question any company executive will ask when they are about to select a partner to work with. If you explore the information published by the National Outsourcing Association (NOA) in the UK, their best practice guidance includes notes on the pros and cons of working with companies of different sizes.

Teleperformance is one of the largest customer service experts in the world today, offering help to clients in 62 different countries. This scale means that we can offer expertise from one region to others and our team has deep experience of customers working across many different industries.

But, as William mentioned, other companies make a virtue of how small they are. Smaller companies are more agile is the supposed wisdom. Smaller companies will treat the customers with more care because you are less important to a large firm. This is all accepted wisdom that may have been true in the past, and possibly remains true in some industries, but I believe that the customer service sector is different.

Customers today are using far more channels than ever. Most customers are using at least 6 channels to communicate with brands and they often expect brands to react to communications that have not even been sent to any official channel – perhaps a tweet about a retailer.

This means that managing a customer service project is no longer about setting up a call centre and then expecting that service can run as specified for the next ten years. Customer service is changing faster now than ever before. There have been more changes in this industry in the past decade than in the previous five decades.

I’m naturally inclined to favour the way Teleperformance works because I am a part of the team, but I can see the way the industry is headed more generally. I think that our scale allows us to see new channels and trends before our clients need them.

You might not have been asked to offer support via WhatsApp yet, but you can guarantee that our team has already been exploring how it works. This expertise and the forward-thinking research coming from our Customer Experience Lab (CX Lab) in Portugul lead me to believe that big can sometimes be better –and more agile.

What’s you view on the next important trend in customer services? Leave a comment here or tweet me on @matt_sims1.

The Impossible Lightness of Malcolm GladwellPhoto by Jeffrey Zeldman licensed under Creative Commons

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