The tourism industry is being reshaped as customer service becomes a priority

The recently published UKCSI (UK Customer Services Index) has shown some interesting results for the tourism sector. Six individual tourism-related organisations were named in the top 50 of all organisations in the UK.

The UKCSI research is conducted by the Institute of Customer Service and involves a survey answered by almost 41,000 customers across 13 business sectors. This latest research was carried out in May.

Food and non-food retail are the only industry sectors that score higher than tourism when the industries of the top 50 organisations are explored.

Tourism is an important sector for the UK economy and the companies that did well in this survey are all household names such as Center Parcs, P&O Ferries, Premier Inn and the Hilton group.

Getting customer service right is more important than ever for these organisations because it has become easier than ever to find information before a purchase – including reviews and notes from previous customers. Tools such as Tripadvisor are not only offering reviews, but also location awareness when used on a smart phone, so services that feature a large number of positive recommendations can end up being actively promoted to new customers through recommendation engines.

Many customers are now familiar with these tools and use them to plan holidays. Customers today now contact brands before, during, and after a purchase so the customer service function in a sector like tourism – where many information requests need to be handled – can be the difference between customers choosing your business or not.

Have you observed a change in the way tourism businesses are offering information and service to customers? Leave a comment here on the blog or you can reach me on LinkedIn here.

whats so interesting?Photo by Morgan licensed under Creative Commons

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