Stop Press! Some banks do offer great customer service

It’s unusual to see much praise for customer service teams in the press, complaints about awful service are more common, but now and again a journalist will publish an article that heaps praise upon an individual or team.  Last week this was the case in London’s Evening Standard newspaper where financial columnist Jeff Prestridge lavished praise on an employee of Barclays bank – Paul Collins from the Kensington branch.

As the article notes, Barclays has not done very well recently in polls that aim to review the levels of customer service in various banks. Advice website Moneysavingsexpert ranked their customer service the lowest of 14 banks in the UK. But is this fair?

As Jeff Prestridge has shown in his article, our impression of a big business can be entirely based on the actions of one individual. In his case, Paul Collins smiled and made Jeff’s visit to the bank much easier than expected. This gave a great impression of banking with Barclays despite what any of the surveys and polls might say.

But, providing great customer service is not just about having a smiling face at branches. Customers form an impression of a brand when they call, email, start an online chat, or see how the brand responds to a tweet. What brands really need is to bottle the helpful approach of Paul Collins in Kensington so this can be applied across every different channel. Great customer service in this modern multichannel environment is extremely complex to get right.

We are working every day to ensure that our clients offer great service across all the channels they are using because it is these individual interactions that form an opinion of the brand. If Jeff would like to see some of our teams in action talking to clients on social networks, by email, on chat, and on voice calls then he would be very welcome!

Barclays Bank - Frederick Street - Jewellery Quarter - Night Safe


Photo by Elliot Brown licensed under Creative Commons

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