Getting proactive with customers

If you had to think of a single industry where customer service matters less than any other then football clubs might be high up on the list. Fans choose their football clubs when they are young and tend to stick with the club throughout their life. It’s more likely that a fan will get divorced or change their current account than switch the club they support, but can clubs really just expect the fans to remain loyal forever?

Of course they can’t. Fans may continue to support a club without ever buying a ticket to a game or replica shirt. They can watch games on TV or at a local pub. So if the clubs really want fans to engage with them and to be more active supporters – which also means spending some cash – then they cannot just be taken for granted.

Aston Villa is setting a great example as this feature in the Evening Standard shows. They are keeping track of customer enquiries to the club. This allows them to call or email fans with information they feel may be relevant to fans based on what they have been in touch about before.

For example, if they know that a fan has called to ask about purchasing child tickets for a game and a special family-day is approaching at the club then they will pick up the phone and ask the fan if they know about the family-day – it’s highly proactive customer service underpinned by a CRM system that can determine what the fans are interested in.

This type of customer service has the added advantage of making the customer feel great. Imagine if someone from the football club you support calls with some really interesting information about a forthcoming game. Your own club is thinking about you and treating you as a valued fan – not just a punter. 

This is a great example of when CRM can be applied effectively in a way that supports the customer service team. What other examples can you think of that might work just as well? Leave a comment here or tweet me on @aniederer.

Villa Park deserted


Photo by Ben Sutherland licensed under Creative Commons

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