Celebrating Customer Service Week

Last week was International Customer Service Week, an event started by the International Customer Service Association back in 1984 – thirty years ago! This week was originally created as a way to recognise and reward the people and companies that are focused on great customer service.

Unfortunately I was too busy working with customers last week to blog about it until the week was officially over, however as far as I am concerned every week is customer service week. So even though the international celebration was last week, what can we do on the blog to mark this once a year focus on customer service?

I think that with teams in 62 countries the Teleperformance team will have some great stories of customer service from recent weeks. What I would like to do is to collect together some examples of great service and to publish a collection of them here on the blog.

I think the best way to arrange this is not to ask people to self-nominate, but rather for people who have seen or heard a colleague go far beyond the level of service a customer might usually expect, to nominate these examples. Let’s hear about the best examples you have witnessed recently where team members have really helped the customer.

And there is no need for the examples to come only from Teleperformance. Just leave a comment here on the blog or tweet me on @matt_sims1 with your own examples of great service and I’ll plan to collect some together soon.

Customer Service


Photo by Neff Conner licensed under Creative Commons

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