The future of customer service is already with us today

The social media analysis company Hootsuite has just released a new white paper focused on the future of customer service. You can download a copy here.

As you might expect, it’s packed full of statistics, but I want to pull out three for discussion:

  1. Customers who engage with companies over social media spend an average of 30% more with those companies than other customers
  2. Only 39% of companies bother to answer questions from customers using social channels
  3. Customers almost always share a customer experience where it took place over social media – if it’s a good experience they tell on average 42 friends, if it’s bad then they tell 53.

This is not really about the future of customer service, it’s the here and now. We are seeing the effect of these preferences on a daily basis.

It cannot be denied that voice calls are still the most important channel for customer service interactions, but social media is growing fast.

If the customers that use social media when asking questions are more likely to spend more then it seems obvious that companies should engage – it’s just good business sense. In addition, these customers are likely to tell more friends about a bad experience than a good experience.

With statistics like this it seems that planning for a multichannel social media customer service strategy is something that is urgently needed now and with only 39% of companies regularly answering online questions there is still a lot of room for improvement.

What do you think about the need for a multichannel customer strategy? Leave a comment here or get in touch via my LinkedIn.

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1 Response to The future of customer service is already with us today

  1. Eptica says:

    There are some impressive stats in the HootSuite report Veronica, and as you say they really demonstrate that social customer service should already be an imperative for companies. We’ve looked at the report in more detail and put together some recommendations for meeting the challenge in this blog at

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