How can tech help improve #custserv?

Tech Week Europe magazine recently listed six ways that technology can improve the customer experience. Now my first thought when I saw this was ‘only six’, but then it’s true that people are only just starting to notice how important technology is to the relationship between brands and their customers.

Briefly, their six tech improvements include:

  • Getting personal with CRM
  • Intelligent routing to the right agent
  • Location independence
  • First time resolution on any channel
  • Integrating social media
  • Workforce management in the cloud

Of course, updates in the technology world go far beyond the adoption of cloud computing and sometimes by focusing on the technology itself, the service delivered is obscured.

However, one thing is clear, customer service needs tight integration into a technology solution far more than ever because the way customers interact has changed.

There are many reasons I could cite, but here are just three:

  1. Customers are choosing the channels they want to use, so the brand needs to be watching and analysing online blogs, tweets, and other conversations. Discussion about your brand or products is out there and not always directed at you.
  2. Information on customers is falling into silos more than ever – marketing, sales, customer service need to get integrated so there is one view of the customer and their behaviour before, during, and after a sale.
  3. Companies that are managing multiple customer service channels need to consider how to create an omnichannel environment because customers are hopping across channels more than ever and they do not want to repeat information on a call because the agent cannot see Twitter conversations…

This goes far beyond a debate about the use of technology. The increased integration of data between various departments is a strategic shift in how many companies will go to market.

Have you seen your own approach to customer service change because of technology? Leave a comment here or tweet me on @aniederer.



Photo by Cathy licensed under Creative Commons

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1 Response to How can tech help improve #custserv?

  1. Very true Alistair – it is about culture and building a single organisation as much as the technology that underpins it. One tech area I would add is knowledge management – customers want fast, consistent answers whichever channel they choose to contact you through, and whoever they talk to within the organisation. This means centralised knowledge management can help to break down silos and create an omnichannel company. More in this Eptica blog at

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