Teleperformance wins prestigious NOA award for CSR

Last night the National Outsourcing Association Annual Award (NOAAs) ceremony took place in London. The NOAAs are a bit like the Oscars for anyone involved in the service and outsourcing business.

Teleperformance won the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) award, something I am extremely proud of. Industry analysts often rank us as being one of the most competent and reliable companies in the business – as well as one of the most innovative – but this major award for our approach to CSR shows that we are really thinking about the impact of the company on people and the planet.

The reason we won the CSR award was our Citizen of the World programme. Citizen of the World was established in 2006 as Teleperformance’s charitable initiative to help the world’s most vulnerable infants and children meet basic survival needs and ultimately reach their individual potential.

Our multi-faceted commitment includes funding and sponsorship for abandoned baby shelters in developing countries, de-worming and other medical supply needs, food provisioning, computer donations to impoverished schools, clothing and toy donations, and victim transport funding.

Citizen of the World includes a global crisis fund to aid disaster victims on an ad hoc basis and world-wide participation of Teleperformance charitable volunteers to support the initiative’s goals.

We don’t just run these programmes as part of a marketing campaign for the group. On the first day any new team member joins our company, they learn about COTW and our Citizen of the Planet initiatives and how participation in these programmes is any important want to ensure the company assists the communities in which it is located.

I’d like to thank all the team members who made the COTW programme as successful as it has been and the NOA for recognising this. Thank you and congratulations to everyone in the Teleperformance UK team for doing the work that led to this great award!


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