Customer experience is the #1 strategic objective for 2015

A recent report by the industry analyst Peter Ryan at Ovum was titled ‘customer experience should be the key focus for outsourcers.’ It contains some great insights.

Ryan believes that those of us who advise other companies on how to improve their own customer experience also need to pay attention to the way we interact with our clients. No company can afford to rest on their reputation today.

A different Ovum report on general business strategy reported that there are two objectives on the mind of most CEOs that far outweigh any others – increasing revenue (as you might expect) and improving the customer experience.

The Ovum view is that improving the customer experience is a strategy that has a direct impact on revenue whether you are running a B2C or B2B type company – this is no longer merely the concern of those who talk to millions of customers on a daily basis.

Interacting with customers today does involve more complexity and more data analysis. The proliferation of communication channels combined with the transparency of most interactions means that everything is not only more open, but often led by a customer choosing the way they want to communicate – far from how customer service used to be managed.

It’s a great insight from Peter Ryan that this affects B2B organisations though. I’m blogging here because I believe that the Teleperformance team needs to be seen engaging with the market and the global community of customer service experts.

I believe that this engagement, and the insight that it creates, does help us to improve the way we engage with our own clients – not least because we are often thinking about trends long before they become issues.

What do you think are the main differences in the way customer service operates between a B2C company and a B2B? Leave a comment here or get in touch via my LinkedIn.

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Photo by Arlo Bates licensed under Creative Commons

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