Developing Rural Broadband Increases Customer Loyalty

In a recent blog I explored some of the potential routes to improving broadband speed across the country, but it seems that I forgot to mention the sea. BT has just completed a 250km subsea cable project that connects several islands in the Scottish Highlands to the mainland, dramatically improving local broadband speed.

BT said that this was the most complex subsea cable installation they had ever completed in the UK. It involved 20 seabed crossings with distances ranging from just 1 mile to over 50 miles. This cable rollout was a part of the Digital Scotland Superfast Broadband scheme, aiming to deliver high-speed broadband to 84% of the Highlands and islands by 2016.

Building this network infrastructure was expensive, but essential for the customers in these areas of Scotland. It is one more example of the innovative solutions that network providers are exploring in their desire to ensure that customers can access high speed Internet.

Any operator that can offer access to a high-speed network and also supplies great content on their network will almost certainly have happy and satisfied customers.

In some remote parts of the country, this is going to mean thinking hard about how best to deliver a high-speed solution. There are many competing strategies for rural broadband, but the bottom line is that customers do not care. They want the network operators to offer a solution that gives them access and content – how the service is delivered does not matter.

The initiative is with the network operators. Customers will stay loyal to companies that provide access and content, so there is a long-term incentive to investing in some short-term network development.

Have you seen your own rural broadband boosted by a network provider looking to the future? Leave a comment here or tweet me on @simondillsworth.

Skandi Navica


 Photo by Rob Andrew licensed under Creative Commons

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