Is Customer Service Adapting to the Mobile Customer?

Mobile commerce used to be considered an added extra. Most customers browsing an online store would shop on a laptop or PC and not on the tiny screen of their phone – but that has all changed.

Phone screens are getting bigger, tablets like the iPad have exploded in popularity, and now with 4G speeds the mobile retail experience is better than ever before. It could be argued that people are now browsing on a mobile device as their first choice of how to access the Internet.

But if customers are going mobile then how does that affect the way that brands should offer them help? Does your customer service strategy need to be adapted for the mobile environment?

MyCustomer recently featured a list of 9 ways to improve customer service in the mobile environment. A few of those that really stood out for me are:

  • Listen and respond to the customer; you can integrate the shopping environment into social and communication channels so feedback on the experience should be easy and immediate – but you also need to listen and take action if you have encouraged the customer to comment.
  • Ensure that the interface is user friendly; sometimes it may be better to create an app and sometimes the web browser is enough. Think about how the shopping experience can work better on a smaller screen.
  • Personalise the experience; the phone or iPad is a personal device and you can usually do more to personalise the experience than would have been possible on a traditional web-based store.

These are all great points, but some brands are going even further. The new Amazon Fire smart phone has a button on the phone marked ‘Mayday’. If the user clicks the Mayday button then a video call is initiated with Amazon – they will have a person on screen within seconds ready to help the user with any aspect of how to use the phone.

I believe we will see more of this in future as brands find that the mobile environment is not just about managing a smaller screen. There is the opportunity for a much more personal interaction with customers via their mobile device, which can improve both the shopping and service experience.

Have you found an example of great customer service in the mobile environment? Leave a comment here or tweet me on @brownsourcing.

Amazon Kindle Fire


Photo by Pierre Lecourt licensed under Creative Commons

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