Customer Experience Happens While You Are Busy Making Other Plans

In 1980 John Lennon sang: “life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” It’s a quote I thought about when I was asked to contribute to a feature on the future of outsourcing published in The Times tomorrow.

The future of outsourcing is really just the future of how companies are going to work together in future – how will corporate relationships work? Lennon’s comment is very prescient because he has noticed that while we run around worrying various problems, change takes place without us noticing.

In the article featured in The Times today I explore the results of a survey undertaken by Teleperformance where we asked 69,000 people in eight countries to rate their most recent customer experience. Fewer than half were satisfied with their last interaction with a brand and we found that a positive interaction is enough to shift the positive perception of a brand by over 33%.

These figures speak for themselves. Corporate leaders have focused for years on increasing revenue and reducing cost, but I believe that in 2015 it is a focus on customer experience that is needed. If you focus elsewhere, the customer expectations are going to change anyway – customers will soon become ex-customers.

The Future of Outsourcing supplement can be found inside your copy of The Times tomorrow (Thursday Feb 5th 2015) or for the online version click here…

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Photo by Karen Mardahl licensed under Creative Commons

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