NOA Council Elections – vote now!

The National Outsourcing Association (NOA) is a not-for-profit trade body focused on every aspect of outsourcing. The organisation publishes research, conducts conferences and other events, and strives to ensure that companies who use outsourcing within their business can learn how to do it better. It really is the centre of excellence for knowledge of outsourcing in the UK and Europe.

The NOA has a strategic advisory council that regularly meets and guides the principles and direction of the organisation. Council members are elected and this year I have put my name forward to stand as a candidate – to represent the Large BPO Supplier community.

If your company if a member of the NOA then you are eligible to vote for me and I would really appreciate it. Although Teleperformance is a big company, only 5 votes from each company count so that candidates from large organisations cannot just ask everyone on their team to vote!

You can click here to see all the candidates standing for election and to read my own personal manifesto, but it’s worth mentioning a few words on the blog here as I am passionate about the industry and what independent organisations like the NOA can achieve.

I believe that outsourcing has been misread by much of the general public – and many in the business community – as a tactical tool for improving the value chain. Outsourcing is a strategic tool that is now focused on solutions and can be applied across all verticals and industries. In many industries today, such as where I am specialised in customer experience, it is now almost essential, as the processes have become too complex to manage in-house.

Business is changing fast in many industries, and that includes the companies who already have a mature understanding of outsourcing as a strategy. Concepts such as the cloud and app store are changing how enterprises manage their information and how the procurement of services takes place.

So with some industries now using outsourcing as a necessary strategy and some industries finding that the way they buy services and expertise is changing almost daily, there is a role for those who can see the big picture. I believe this is the role of organisations like the NOA – to explore how business will work in future and to help managers plan for that future before the future arrives.

I would appreciate your vote in the NOA Council elections. The voting closes on Feb 19 so if your company is an NOA member then please do click here to find out how you can make your vote count.

Click here to vote…

NOA image on floor


Photo by Mark Hillary licensed under Creative Commons

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