How do brands gain – and lose – the trust of customers?

At the Institute of Customer Service annual conference (ICS) this week Rita Clifton, the chairman of BrandCap, will be talking about how brands gain – and lose trust – in this era of social media.

But why do we trust brands? Retail historians tell us that in the early days of retail a brand marked out a product as being of consistent quality. When I read stories like this it makes me think of those old grocery stores in ‘Wild West’ movies where they sold everything, but nothing had a brand name.

In the modern world, brands are still around because we trust them and they reflect our lifestyle choices. You buy a certain brand of shoes because you loved the last pair. You go to a certain café because the coffee is always good there. We identify with and trust brands today and this trust is becoming even more important than ever.

This is a particularly important topic for us at Teleperformance so I’m looking forward to hearing what Rita says. If you look at the InterBrand Best Global Brands of 2014 then I’m proud to say that Teleperformance supports over half of them.

As I expect Rita’s talk will indicate, people are looking to brands more than ever as they are being bombarded with information. They need products and services they can trust in a very uncertain world. Now that customer engagement is so much a part of brand identity, it is an enormous achievement for our team to be making that happen for some of the most famous brands in the world.

Let me know what you think about our trust in brands? Is it even more important than ever or can you manage without branded products? Leave a comment here or tweet me on @matt_sims1.



Photo by Mark Hakansson licensed under Creative Commons

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1 Response to How do brands gain – and lose – the trust of customers?

  1. Hi Matt, I think that building a brand is even more important today as consumers are bombarded by choices, across multiple channels. However it is even easier to lose trust from consumers if you don’t deliver the service or experience they have come to expect. For example, our own research found that the UK’s top 100 brands can only answer less than half (48%) of basic customer questions online – hardly a recipe to build brand loyalty. There’s more on the results of our research at

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