Fixed and Mobile convergence: Tech supporting business of all sizes

 The dividing line between the use of Fixed and Mobile telecoms is becoming increasingly blurred. This has been seen for a long time in large enterprises, but it is clear that the SME market is following – creating huge potential.

Consider some of the following points:

  • A taxi firm that can now set up without needing a fixed cab-office – all calls are routed through the switchboard to drivers, and when you combine that with Apps like Uber and Halo – it is a real game changer.
  • Emergency services where there can always be someone on call as the system will move from fixed to mobile depending on who is available with no need for anyone to be based at a fixed residence.
  • Sales – last minute orders to suppliers from a retailer or manufacturer are not missed as there is always someone available whether by fixed or mobile to answer the call, place the order, and retain a happy account.

I can vouch for the last example. I was organising a party recently and needed to make a last minute change to the order. It was Saturday evening and I was expecting to leave a voicemail on the landline. To my surprise the supplier picked up took the amendment, processed it on Sunday, and my order came through flawlessly on time. He told me that he uses a new business service that ensures he can pick up the message regardless of what number is used. Genius!

These are just some examples of the opportunity that the SME sector offers, and it is no wonder that the quad-play market is starting to heat up. Companies such as Virgin Media, Vodafone, BT, and O2 continue to enhance their converged capabilities knowing that this type of service can be a real game-changer for a business wishing to improve its own service and performance.

Customers have higher and higher expectations so this is great news and removes the risk of being in trouble with your entire family for ordering the wrong type of fairy cakes!

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Hold All My Calls


Photo by Matt Reinbold licensed under Creative Commons

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