NOA Launches New Outsourcing Yearbook

Every year, the National Outsourcing Association (NOA) releases the Outsourcing Yearbook. The Yearbook features advice and best practice on outsourcing from end users, suppliers, consultants, advisers as well as independent experts.

The 2015 edition was just released and it features predictions on the year ahead in outsourcing from analysts including the NOA, A.T. Kearney, Gartner, NelsonHall and quocirca.

It’s fantastic to see the NOA listing their awards for 2014 in the introduction as well as Teleperformance won three of them from the NOA and European Outsourcing Association: European Outsourcing Service Provider of the year, Innovation in Pan-European Outsourcing, and Corporate Social Responsibility.

That’s quite a mix of awards in my opinion, not only the best provider in terms of service delivered, but also the most innovative, and the most concerned about CSR too!

The analyst predictions in this edition of the Outsourcing Yearbook include topics such as:

  • Outsourcing is now a proven delivery model
  • Outsourcing has become a part of the management toolkit
  • Analytics are becoming essential – experts are needed
  • Digital economy is changing how almost every industry operates
  • Automation increasing in areas such as customer service

These are all areas that we have explored here on the Teleperformance blog. We won that EOA award for innovation because of the excellent work our CX Lab does in Portugal, but I think you can see innovative thought echoed across the blogs that many of my colleagues produce, exploring where our own industry is heading.

In many cases, our comment and analysis of some of these areas of change stretches back many years. I recommend you take a look at some more of our blogs by clicking here, take a look at more information on the Teleperformance Customer Experience Lab here, and to download and read the NOA 2015 Outsourcing Yearbook click here.

Google Analytics on Computer Screen


Photo by Blue Fountain Media licensed under Creative Commons

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