Retailers Focusing On Customer Experience

The IQPC event ‘Customer Experience Exchange for Retail’ will take place from July 6 to 8 in London. I was looking at information about the event on LinkedIn when I noticed some interesting comments from some of the company executives speaking at the event.

Companies such as Argos, Selfridges, and Cath Kidston are all planning to speak about their customer experience investments at the event, indicating that this is now becoming an investment focus for many of these big retail brands.

Creating satisfied and loyal customers in retail is very complex today and requires strategic thinking in several key areas, such as:

  • Emotional engagement; how is your brand relating to customers? Are people building a relationship with you and caring about the brand rather than just looking for the cheapest retailer?
  • Multichannel integration; how do all your various ‘ways to shop’ come together? Is the integration between online and High Street seamless and mutually supportive?
  • Customer journey mapping; you will usually interact with a customer long before they ever become a customer. What is the journey they take that allows them to find you and want to shop with you?

What is clear though is that the leading brands attending this event have one thing in common; their number one investment focus at present is the management and improvement of the customer experience. Companies in many industries are becoming very customer-centric, but retail is leading the way in organising the entire corporate strategy around the view of the customer.

Cath Kidston: Victoria Rose Navy


Photo by Katchoo licensed under Creative Commons.

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