Retailers Need To Analyse Customer Behaviour

This post is by Liz Parry, Strategic Account Director at Teleperformance UK

If you have never heard of the Teleperformance Customer Experience (CX) Lab then click here and take a look at some of the insight and analysis they produce. It’s a fantastic insight into the customer service industry with a focus on analyzing specific events or sectors.

But who needs a CX Lab?

In the current retail environment it is becoming almost impossible to imagine any retailer that takes customer service seriously not having the ability to analyse customer behaviour in a very detailed way.

Retail has been hit harder than many industries by the changing demands of customers because change has been required above the waterline and below:

  1. Customers demand 24/7 engagement across multiple channels that are ideally connected so service interactions can hop channels easily
  2. Customers want to mix and match their online and store experience, buying from one and collecting or returning to the other, so the backroom logistics are also far more complex than ever before.

An efficient supply chain and multichannel customer service system both require great customer insights. You need to be able to take internal data and to blend it in real-time with purchases, returns, and other customer communications to really get a view on what your customers are saying, when they are saying it, and what they want.

Do you have a strategy that supports a detailed analysis and monitoring of your customer service interactions as well as helping to plan logistic improvements? Leave a comment here or get in touch via my LinkedIn if you would like more information.

Thingamagoop 2 from Bleep Labs
Photo by Kevin Dooley licensed under Creative Commons.

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