Driving Loyalty With A Completely Integrated Customer Experience

This post is by Liz Parry, Strategic Account Director at Teleperformance UK.

I have often written that the days of loyalty in retail being about cards and points are dated. Customers have an expectation of great service today and if they don’t receive a great experience then that’s more important than any points.

However, creating a truly advanced multichannel retail environment that delights the customer so much that it actually inspires loyalty and creates brand advocates is not easy. However, this is something that House of Fraser has achieved remarkably well.

Take a look at this ClickZ feature, published this week and exploring how the House of Fraser app and other in-store technologies have not only transformed shopping with them, but creates a new customer experience entirely that surpasses what most other retailers can offer. Some of the particular innovations mentioned are:

  • Augmented Reality; the House of Fraser home brochure comes alive when a smartphone is nearby, by allowing the pages to come to life with animation and additional information
  • Shoppable Windows; shop window displays are digitally enabled allowing passers-by to easily buy what is on display. This feeds into the corporate plan to try turning 70% of in-store shoppers into multichannel shoppers.
  • Digital Mannequins; mannequins equipped with iBeacons allow customers to view outfits, see similar outfits, and staff can see what customers are looking at in real-time, creating cross or upsell opportunities.

Customers using the app can have specific timed offers and discounts pushed to their phone, they can get more information on any product just by scanning the bar code, it manages all loyalty details, and it can even find the nearest store.

What I like most about this seamless environment is that everything is designed to help the customer. The customer experience is the priority and therefore the customer feels better about the overall experience. This is what really creates loyalty in this new retail environment.

Many retailers are struggling with the latest industry requirements, multichannel service and the omnichannel, bringing the in-store and online experience together. But the technology exists to deliver what customers expect. The trick is to put customers at the centre of what you do, regardless of how long things have been done differently. Be customer centric and customer loyalty will follow.

Have you seen the integrated systems at House of Fraser for yourself? What did you think and what do you think are the priorities for retailers today? Leave a comment here or get in touch via my LinkedIn.

House of Fraser//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

Photo by James Petts licensed under Creative Commons.

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