Engage Customer 2015: What I’m Looking To Learn

We are just three weeks away from the Engage Customer 2015 summit in London. This event always proves to be an excellent day where people on the frontline of managing customer interactions can debate current problems and future strategies.

There is so much taking place today in customer experience that I believe it is one of the fastest-changing and most exciting areas of business to be focused on. Our own research at the Teleperformance Customer Experience Lab (CX Lab) suggests that socially engaged customers spend 30% more than other customers and customers with a poor experience are 31% less likely to remain loyal to a brand. All our research demonstrates that the customer experience has a tangible effect on the bottom line and with the customer relationship, at all stages of the customer journey, being owned more and more by the service team this strategy should now be the number one executive priority.

If you look back at my blogs over the years I have always been focused on where the industry is headed so the Engage Customer event is great for gathering new ideas. There is a good mix of industry analysts thinking about the future and case studies demonstrating how people are dealing with their own customer experience strategy today.

Personally I’m keen to explore three areas that I have been thinking about a lot recently, and I will blog further on some of these topics over the next three weeks, as we get closer to the conference:

  • The changing customer journey; customer advocacy and bonding to particular brands are dramatically changing how customers transact. If a customer loves your brand because of the great service then they will often purchase without comparing prices or checking the competition – they only want to do business with you. How can companies get to this position where customers become fans? According to our CX Lab, 63% of companies are now using at least 6 different channels to communicate with customers so the journey has changed dramatically.
  • The future for voice; customers still use voice and still say that they want to use voice, so even with many new channels coming down the track how does the dominance of voice fit within this multichannel environment? Our CX Lab found that 75% of Pay-TV customers want to use voice as their first-choice customer service channel and similar preferences can be seen in other industries.
  • The importance of supporting the omnichannel; customers may still love voice, but they are diffusing across many channels now and information needs to be shared across these channels or customers will receive a very poor experience. 53% of all customers are now comfortable using digital channels for customer service and 14% are using more than 3 channels so connecting these interactions together is becoming more important.

These are three of the key areas where I will be looking for information at the conference. It’s on November 26th in London and you can register here. Let me know if you are also going and also leave a comment with your own ideas on what you would like to hear from this conference?

lecture hallPhoto by Kal Schreiber licensed under Creative Commons.


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