Ovum: Customer Experience is #1 Executive Priority

In preparation for the Engage Customer summit on November 26th I was looking through some of the most recent comment and analysis posted on the Engage Customer site. I saw a great article by Peter Ryan of Ovum (who will be speaking in London at the summit) reporting on some of his research findings after speaking to over 200 enterprise contact centre managers.

Obviously there were many insights and findings from the complete analysis, but I found two statements that really leapt off the page when I saw Peter’s article:

  • Budgets for customer service are going up; contact centre and customer service managers are being given extra cash to implement new channels, train agents in new methods, and generally to improve what they are doing.
  • Customer satisfaction is becoming a key measure of success; top executives have almost always focused their attention on activities such as increasing revenue or decreasing costs. Both these important activities are now ranked as less important than customer satisfaction, so the customer experience is now far and away the number one executive priority.

I believe that any executive with a customer experience responsibility will be exploring several priorities at present including the implementation of new channels, creating omnichannel capabilities, and creating a new culture for agents that allows more decision-making on the frontline.

Although it is always good to hear that customer experience budgets are increasing, those budget increases are coming with challenges attached. The customer service team has to demonstrate efficiency more than ever and more is expected in return to the business in a multichannel environment. In fact, the customer team and budget will be blending into other customer-facing areas in many companies now.

As shown by Peter’s survey and comments, budgets are now heading up for the first time since the global economic slowdown, but more importantly, the customer experience is now seen as an important priority. I believe that not only is this going to make it easier for customer service leaders to get the budget they really need to serve customers well, but in addition it will raise the bar for customer service across industries.

What are you looking forward to at the Engage Customer summit on November 26th in London? Leave a comment here or get in touch via my LinkedIn.

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Photo by Anthony Kelly licensed under Creative Commons.


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