‘Connected’ Broadband: The Trojan Horse that could prove key in securing and retaining subscribers?

I have blogged regularly about how broadband/network provision are the basic ‘table stakes’ that consumers expect. There is no longer a wow factor about speed – consumers expect the network to be fast, reliable, and allow them to do what they want. The last criteria is the key for me and will dictate who wins in this space.

It is fairly clear that we are moving more and more into the ‘connected world’ – whether you like it or not – we are going to be interacting more with our homes, cars, the environment more and more to undertake our daily lives. We have seen Amazon introduce Alexa and the ability to repeat order directly from a widget on your fridge.

We have seen TV’s become ‘smarter’ allowing you to talk to friends, order food, and stream content. All of this requires the best possible broadband/network speed and it is why I see it as the Trojan Horse that can secure and retain consumers. It can be a key weapon for providers in the fight for subscribers.

Provider A and B can both provide lightning fast broadband speeds but it won’t be long before providers start to differentiate through targeting the connected home/office space. Cloud technology will allow providers to develop and deploy new services at rapid speed – all of which can have the combined objective of making it as easier as possible for Consumers to communicate in their home/office as possible.

Swisscom’s ‘Internet Box’ seems to be an early example of this and I can see a not too distant future where Consumers select a Broadband provider based on the fact that their router comes with software that allows them to very quickly ‘plug-and-play’ and configure what devices they want to talk to and in what way. Who knows, we may enter a future of ‘connected-profiles’ where a consumer’s software token is downloaded to a provider’s router to allow for rapid deployment of personalised ‘connected’ options.

It is impossible to predict the future but the world is coming ‘alive’ around us – and providers of broadband are well aware of the opportunities this could bring.

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Horse. Possibly Trojan!

Photo by Tama Leaver licensed under Creative Commons.

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