Omnichannel Truths for 2016

One of the most important developments around customer experience in 2015 was the importance of omnichannel service. Originally this developed from a need to respond to the various new channels customers were using. This multichannel environment spawned the omnichannel once companies realised that these services need to be interconnected.

But this original need to just keep answering customer requests on new channels has grown into a complete customer experience strategy that can increase revenue. You no longer need to design an omnichannel strategy just to keep up with the customers; you can do it now because it makes good business sense. Walmart is a great retail example, where they have shown that customers shopping across various channels are worth nearly twice as much to them as those who only ever shop in-store.

Regardless of your industry, this change in approach speaks to a fact we sometimes forget – customers don’t care about your omnichannel strategy, they just want a simple and enjoyable experience.

The internal complexities of your organisation are immaterial. Customers expect to be treated consistently well across all the supported channels. Sometimes those of us who are focused on the customer experience get too wrapped up in specific channel conditions and service design, but the bottom line is that so long as your service team is available, has knowledgeable people, and can meet the needs of the customer in a polite and efficient manner then that is all the customer requires.

Let’s think in more detail about this in 2016. The omnichannel is becoming more important, but it is far more than just adding channels to the customer service function. In many cases, going for a true omnichannel solution where you can consistently work across any channel requires a complete rethink of how you interact with customers.

What do you think will happen to the omnichannel in 2016? Leave a comment here or get in touch via my LinkedIn profile.

Walmart Customer Selects a Fabric Reintroduced to Product Mix

Photo by Walmart licensed under Creative Commons


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