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No Need For Fear: Social Robotics And AI Can Create New Business Opportunities

Last year I read a fascinating book called “The End of Nice” by Richard Newton. The book explores how robotics and service automation are changing the society we live in and particularly how this will affect employment as we know … Continue reading

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WEF 2016: The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Later this week the World Economic Forum will meet at Davos in Switzerland for their annual gathering where business leaders and thinkers get together to consider the future – of business and society in general. The theme this year is … Continue reading

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Outsourcing 3.0: The Rise of the Machines

I was discussing films with a colleague recently and we started talking about the Terminator genre and how we felt the quality had dipped since the original film was released. The concept of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine-domination is an … Continue reading

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