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How can telcos pay for rural broadband?

I read an Interesting article recently that describes some views from the new EU Internet chief, Günther Oettinger. He says that if telcos provide broadband to rural areas then they should be able to tie the customers in to long-term … Continue reading

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Independent Energy Supplies

The protracted troubles in Eastern Ukraine are hopefully moving towards a peaceful resolution with the news that the rebels will be granted autonomy to rule their region. However despite this progress we are far from a harmonious long-term solution that … Continue reading

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How many different phone chargers do we need?

The other day I was talking to a friend about just how many different chargers I need to carry around for different devices. I have phones and tablets and for many of these devices I have a personal one and … Continue reading

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Will mobile roaming charges be scrapped soon?

In a move that will be cheered by many European business customers, Orange has started the process of scrapping their roaming fees for customers using their phones overseas. The French company has started applying new tariffs for their customers in … Continue reading

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British people have the highest customer service expectations in Europe

What is the ‘purpose’ of customer support? What would happen if you didn’t offer a support channel to customers? And what do your customers think that the support channel is for? According to new research from Zendesk a shocking number … Continue reading

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Google implements new privacy policy

When Google started out, it was a groundbreaking new search engine. If you can remember what we had before Google, tools like Altavista or Yahoo, they were a bit clunky and never quite returned what you were searching for. Google … Continue reading

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A new way of working with the UK government

Imagine if you are a company doing business with the government. In an ideal world you could have conversations with public sector officials about what they would like to achieve, how they would like it to happen, and what are … Continue reading

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