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Banking Faces An Uber Moment in 2016

The former CEO of Barclays, Antony Jenkins, recently spoke in various media interviews about the global banking industry facing an ‘Uber moment’ in the near future. Jenkins warned that traditional bank headcount could shrink by 50% and profits on services … Continue reading

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Are we witnessing the demise of the Telco?

The FT recently reported that AT&T is circling around DirecTV, the largest satellite-TV provider in the USA. It’s a potentially enormous deal of around $50bn that analysts predict might shake up the pay-TV market in the States, but why would … Continue reading

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Is ‘Outsourcing’ really to blame?

The Chief Executive of security firm G4S, Nick Buckles, has agreed with a parliamentary assessment of his efforts to supply security guards for the London Olympic games as a ‘humiliating shambles’. Buckles was being questioned today by a group of … Continue reading

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Nuggets of wisdom from the FT

I’m always interested when I see the serious business press – like the Financial Times – focusing on customer service. This article is about investment advice, but some of the key messages here apply to any business and any form … Continue reading

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