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When Was Your Last Great Experience as a Customer?

When was the last time you interacted with a brand and came away from the experience feeling really good – as if they really understood you and appreciated you as a customer? Unfortunately, for many people this is a difficult … Continue reading

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UK government gets ready for the Internet of Things

The British government does not receive a lot of praise for forward-looking plans related to the Internet. The Prime Minister is more often in the technology press for his gaffes using Twitter, but a recent announcement should have received more … Continue reading

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The tech forces that are changing the world

Anyone who has attended business school will know about ‘creative destruction’. This is the force of change originally documented by Austrian economist Joseph Schumpeter when he described how the old would always be replaced by the new, but it will … Continue reading

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When every gadget is online how will customer service change?

Have you read about the Internet of Things? Sometimes it is also called the Internet of Everything. It’s the theory that everything we know will soon be connected to the Internet. It’s not really so much of a theory these … Continue reading

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