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Building Customer Loyalty in a Virtual World

The multichannel revolution goes on. I often hear customer service experts speaking about the difficulties of managing so many new customer channels and then the subsequent demands for an omnichannel, but I rarely hear many thinkers looking further out. In … Continue reading

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Will we see more innovation in financial products?

The UK financial markets regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), recently announced that they would like to see an ‘innovation heaven’ in financial products. This chimes with much of the discussion at the round-table on financial services that Teleperformance hosted … Continue reading

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The Voice of the Future in Financial Services

With so much at stake, Teleperformance UK brought together specialists in customer care to discuss how contact centres are changing, and what impact that is having on sales in the financial services sector Significant challenges face banking and insurance firms … Continue reading

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New Ofcom regulation on pricing takes effect

Just over a week ago, the UK telecoms regulator Ofcom changed the regulation around fixed contracts with telcos to protect consumers from price changes being applied after a contract is signed. Many customers have complained that the contract they believed … Continue reading

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Cold calling leaves the customer cold

Don’t you think that the worst kind of sales process is when you get a cold call? You might be busy cooking the dinner and your phone rings – only for you to find that it’s an insurance company trying … Continue reading

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Firth in debt: Collecting collections

I’m head of sales for the Teleperformance collections business and people outside the industry often ask me what ‘collections’ really means. I tell them that we collect debt on behalf of clients who are either struggling or just don’t have … Continue reading

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