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A focus on your customers – and art

I wrote a recent blog about literature and business, so why not art today? An article recently published in Fast Company features the CEO of Ford, Alan Mulally, describing how the inspiration for Ford’s success over the past few years … Continue reading

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An award for TP with Google in Europe

We recently won the prestigious Netherlands National Contact Center Association (NCCA), Best Partner Award for our work with Google for small and medium business customers. Awards are always great to win, but this is a particularly satisfying one to win … Continue reading

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Turning a mediocre customer experience into something fantastic

Good or great service may be OK for some companies, but the general view on most customer service is that it’s just mediocre. It works. But the only way to achieve truly memorable service that drives customers to return to … Continue reading

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Marketing leaders know how to follow well

It has always been assumed that a business-to-consumer organisation – one that sells products to a large group of customers – is very different to a business-to-business organisation – one that sells only to other companies. The separation in the … Continue reading

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Thank you from the Caledonian Challenge!

Last weekend the Teleperformance UK executive team managed to finish the Caledonian Challenge hike in Scotland. It was a really tough hike of 54 miles (86km) that had to be completed within 24 hours. We were raising money for the Foundation … Continue reading

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Reading real books for business

Any manager today knows the problem. You want to keep improving your skills and learning more about sales, marketing, or management – all the things a modern manager needs – and the management book section is always heaving with new … Continue reading

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What’s driving digital engagement?

The digital marketplace should be maturing by now. Consumers have been online since the mid-nineties and using social media since the mid-noughties, but it appears that many brands still don’t understand the kind of online experience their customer expects. This … Continue reading

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